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Our first priority is to determine whether a tree can be saved, sometimes removal is the best option. We are equipped to remove any size tree and have years of experience in using the safest, most efficient approach for your individual situation.

Sometimes trees die or are just in the way. No job is too big or too small. If you have one tree or one hundred Northwoods Tree and Land can help.

Fast, Reliable, and Honest with affordable rates.

Emergency wildfire support crew

Northwoods tree and land are proud to support Cal fire during fire season. Helping keep fire professionals safe while out in the line of duty.

During the wildfire season, our highly skilled timber fallers are on call to respond to emergency wildfires. When fires burn in Timberland area with a large number of dead trees it can be very dangerous for the men and women on the ground. The fire causes the already weakened trees to collapse at any time creating another major hazard for the firefighters to deal with. That’s where we come in if the firefighters deem certain trees a hazard our fallers go in and put those trees on the ground in the safest way possible, keeping the firefighters safe from falling trees. We love the community we live in and are proud to support the firefighters efforts.

Emergency Tree Service


Sometimes Storms can create unexpected problems for trees and homes. Call us, we can help! Fast, reliable, honest with competitive rates.


We work with qualified crane operators to reach trees that are difficult to access. A crane is sometimes the smartest way to remove a tree, ensuring the safety of our workers and your home.


With Beetle Die off and drought plaguing our region, it’s important to protect your home and loved ones from devastating wildfires. Creating defensible space is essential to saving your home.


We’re passionate about the integrity and longevity of your trees. Climbing with spikes may be a faster option but we believe that spike-less climbing is healthier for any living tree.